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Experience improved financial results and organized clinical workflows with the dedicated EHR/EMR assistance of ProviderQure

Who We Are

ProviderQure stands as a healthcare solutions provider dedicated to empowering hospitals, group practices, and independent healthcare providers. Our mission revolves around growing revenue cycle performance, allowing healthcare professionals to achieve optimal financial and clinical outcomes. Our team of revenue cycle experts collaborates with medical practices to confirm efficient financial processes and prompt reimbursements. We proudly deliver specialized medical billing services spanning 32 distinct specialties.

In pursuit of convenient workflows, we’ve developed exceptional healthcare IT products. The innovative offerings, including ProviderQure EMR and Nephrolytx, propel medical practices toward financial success. These advanced solutions automate tasks and organize practice management, facilitating a error-free experience. Our commitment confirms that healthcare practices thrive in the contemporary value-based landscape, all while upholding strict adherence to the latest industry regulations.

Company Profile

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to empower healthcare providers in achieving business success through the utilization of exceptional healthcare IT products. We are dedicated to assisting medical practices of every scale in developing their revenue cycle processes through proficient medical billing and coding services. ProviderQure is committed to assure the financial sustainability of your practice by driving substantial revenues. By partnering with us, you can optimize reimbursement rates and deliver unmatched patient care.

Our Vision

At ProviderQure, we aspire to streamline the intricate challenges faced by medical practices. We envision a healthcare industry embracing technology-driven solutions to optimize business operations. With unwavering dedication, we empower physicians to elevate their revenue cycles and attain financial prosperity. As a leading healthcare solutions provider, we prioritize enabling providers to devote their undivided attention to delivering exceptional patient care.

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Reduction in A/R

Maximize your revenue potential with our 24/7 medical billing services.

Hire a team of experts who are well-versed with your EHR and improve the billing process.

Save $2,000 with our free RCM audit. Get insights based on 21 various KPIs to enhance cash flow.

Ashlee Rose Harding Memorial Healthcare

We've been working with ProviderQure for 8 years now and we are satisfied with their services and customer support.

Jackie Judd Wilson Creek Internal Medicine

As a practice manager, I was looking to streamline the medical billing process. ProviderQure helped us do that.

Pat Vaughn Medcom Health Services

I have been working with ProviderQure for the past 7 years. They always go above and beyond, which shows in their quality.

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