End-to-End Hospital
RCM Solutions

Are you stressed about losing potential revenue? We offer end-to-end hospital RCM services.

Improve RCM Efficiency With ProviderQure

Boost practice revenues with ProviderQure RCM billing services.

Highly Trained Hospital
Billing Experts

Enhance practice workflows, optimize revenue cycle process, and get timely payments.

Reduce The Days
of Claims In AR

Accelerate your financial decision-making process with our real-time insights.

Maximize Claim
Acceptance Rate

Accelerate your financial decision-making process with our real-time insights.

Enhance Operational Efficiency
with Hospital RCM Services

Leverage these benefits to ensure maximum productivity and profitability with ProviderQure.

Benefits of Choosing ProviderQure RCM Billing Services

ProviderQure RCM billing services augment the revenue cycle by improving reimbursements across all payment structures. Avoid cash flow issues with our hospital billing company. We enable your group practice to attain lost revenue in the form of denials with our AR management. Also, reduce the chances of claim denials in the future with us.

Hurry Now & Get Free RCM Audit - Save $2,000

We Only Promise What We Intend To Provide


Accounts Receivable Days

98 %

First Pass Clean Claims Rate

48 Hours

Turn Around Time (TAT)

4- 9 %

Revenue Improvement

99 %

Turn Around Time (TAT)

30 %

Reduction in A/R

Complete Billing Solutions for Hospitals

Patient Eligibility
and Verification

Improve efficiency by proactively validating the insurance coverage with our real-time eligibility services.

Denial Management

Prevent claim denials to improve the bottom line and address cash flow issues with our denial management services.

AR Management

Reduce accounts receivable to optimize collections with our hospital billing services and empower your group practice.

Full Spectrum Revenue Cycle Management Services

Affordable Revenue Cycle Management Pricing

Maximize Your Practice Revenue & Save Your Finances

ProviderQure professionals help you increase income while reducing expenses by up to 25%. We enable practices to dramatically cut their costs while also reducing account receivables, and growing their patient base.

All-In-One RCM

3% to 6% of Monthly Collections

Full cycle revenue cycle management for healthcare providers

We work with these EHRs

Our medical billing specialists know the workarounds of all the EHRs. We help you submit clean claims no matter which EHR you use.

Maximize your revenue potential with our 24/7 medical billing services.

Hire a team of experts who are well-versed with your EHR and improve the billing process.

$2,000 with our free RCM audit. Get insights based on 21 various KPIs to enhance cash flow.

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