Simplify Laboratory Billing Management

Your Needs Drive Us, and We’re Here to Provide

  • Rapid Turnaround accelerated by an Effective Claims Submission Process
  • Automate Payment Posting to Eradicate Manual Data Input
  • Custom-made Reports Enriching the Grip of Your Lab’s Financial Well-being
  • Upholding HIPAA-Compliant Security Measures for Data Protection
  • Open and Fair Pricing Framework, Liberated from Lengthy Obligations

Assisting Labs of All types

Hospital Outreach & Outpatient Labs

Toxicology Laboratories

Molecular Diagnostics

Clinical Laboratories

Pathology Laboratory

Catering Labs of All Sizes

Independent Labs

Independent laboratories bring a unique depth of specialized knowledge to their respective fields. Their focus allows them to master specific tests and analyses.


Hospital Labs

Hospital labs provide essential diagnostic tests and services that generate valuable data for accurate medical coding. Proper coding services are documented and billed that reduces the risk of claim denials.

Physician Office Labs

Physician office labs offer essential diagnostic tests and services within the physician’s office and provides rapid results for timely patient care.

Our Competencies and Proficiencies

Analytics for laboratories

Analytics allow labs to monitor and evaluate the quality of processes, procedures, and test results. Labs can implement corrective measures and maintain the highest standards of accuracy and precision by identifying trends and errors.

Automation Tools & RPA

Automation tools and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have become integral to modern medical billing practices. It can handle the repetitive and time-consuming task of claims processing. ProviderQure reduces manual data entry errors and ensures data accuracy.

Distinctive Technology

ProviderQure's technology includes an intelligent clinical decision support module that boosts data analytics and machine learning algorithms. It also assists healthcare providers in making knowledgeable diagnostic and treatment decisions by analyzing patient data and medical history

Financial reporting

ProviderQure is dedicated in delivering accurate and timely financial reports. Our team of financial experts’ reviews and verifies data and confirm its integrity before generating reports. This commitment to accuracy extends to regular audits and internal.

We are fully experienced in all types of Labs EMRs

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know the answers of frequently asked questions about our  laboratory billing services.

We work with all medical laboratories, including independent labs, hospital labs, and physician office labs.

We take data security very seriously and have implemented several measures to ensure our system is HIPAA-compliant and secure.

Our pricing is fair and transparent, and we work closely with each client to develop a customized solution that fits their budget.

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